IAPWS IF-97 Steam Tables added to Uconeer

The Uconeer professional unit conversion program now includes IAPWS IF-97 steam tables. These steam tables include 18 temperature and pressure dependent properties over the range from -100C to 800C at pressures up to 1000 bar abs, and some extend up to 2000C at pressures below 500 bar abs. They also include 16 fixed properties. You can use all the units of measurement built into Uconeer, plus your custom units.

This new addition will calculate physical properties of ice, water or steam when the temperature and pressure are known, or search for specific values of enthalpy, entropy or density. This is a very useful tool when doing expansion, compression or throttling calculations.

Wet steam properties are included for saturated conditions. The local atmospheric pressure can be set for accurate gauge pressures which are important when working under vacuum or low pressures at elevations above sea level.

And with all this extra functionality the prices of all Uconeer licenses remain the same. Purchase details here.

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