Selecting the Language in AioFlo

Selecting the interface language

The AioFlo interface has been designed to facilitate changes in language. In version 1.07 the interface translations to French, German, Portuguese and Spanish are almost complete (See below). Thanks very much to the users who did these translations! We are now looking to complete the Italian translation. Regular translators simply cannot cope with the complexities of a program like AioFlo. We will therefore be relying on users to volunteer a few words of translation in their own languages so that we can build up a complete translation.

We will initially be concentrating on the languages listed on the page shown here. As the translations build up we will make updates available for download - all updates are free for 12 months from the date of purchase.

The AioFlo Main Form in French

The French interface

The AioFlo Main Form in German

The German interface

The AioFlo Main Form in Portuguese

The Portuguese interface

The AioFlo Main Form in Spanish

The Spanish interface

pipe size and flow calculation software
tuyau de logiciel de dimensionnement et calcul du d�bit
pijp dimensionering en stromingsberekening software
Rohr Dimensionierung und Durchfluss Berechnungssoftware
tamanho do tubo e software de c�lculo de fluxo
tama�o de la tuber�a y el software de c�lculo de caudal
tubo di misura e software di calcolo del flusso