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Program Description

The PackCol program performs hydraulic design and rating calculations for packed columns and towers. The design basis for new columns can be approach to flood, maximum capacity or pressure drop. The rating mode allows you calculate the pressure drop and approach to flood for existing columns.

S.I., Metric and English units are supported and the program can convert between these systems of units.

The Eckert and Robbins correlations are both included to cover the full range of liquid flowrates. Calculated results can be printed in tabular form, and plotted as a Generalized Pressure Drop Correlation diagram or as an Operating Diagram.

The program includes an extensive illustrated database of packing types from the major suppliers, but custom data can be used as well.

The packings included are :-

A detailed illustrated manual and tutorial are included in Adobe Acrobat (i.e. PDF) format. The cost of the program is US $80-00 for a single user license and US $250-00 for a multi-user site license.

The following screen shots illustrate PackCol in action :

The Packed Column Calculator's Main Screen

The Packed Column Calculator's Main Screen

The options for the calculation are set in the boxes across the top of the window. The packing details can be either entered on the left side, or selected from the built in database. The gas and liquid details are keyed in on the right and then the calculation can be performed. This form shows the basic results, and a more detailed set of results can be obtained by clicking the "Detail Calc" button.

The Packed Column Calculator's Packing Database

The Packed Column Calculator's Packing Database

An extensive database of standard packings is built into the Packed Column Calculator program. Custom packing factors and data can be keyed in, and saved as a calculation template for future re-use.

The Generalized Pressure Drop Correlation Diagram

The Generalized Pressure Drop Correlation Diagram

Plotting the Generalized Pressure Drop Diagram allows the PackCol results to be easily compared with hand calculation results, and to get a "feel" for how stable the column is likely to be.

The Operating Diagram

The Operating Diagram

Although the Operating Diagram is discussed in every handbook on column design, it is simply too much work to produce by hand and was rarely used in the past. However, PackCol generates the Operating Diagram instantly - giving the engineer an extremely powerful tool to investigate the effect of changes in liquid and gas flow.

Download an Evaluation Copy

The current version of the Packed Column Calculator program is v2.2 and it operates under Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8/8.1 and Windows 10. It is a 32 bit application but will run under the 64 bit versions of these operating systems.

The Packed Column Calculator program is distributed as a trial version. This version is fully functional (except for a limited range of packing factors) and is designed for you to be able to thoroughly evaluate the program. The evaluation copy will operate for at least 30 days. At the end of that time (or preferably during that time!) you can purchase the full version which eliminates the reminders and the time limit.

You will receive your registered version within a few hours (max 24) of your order and payment being cleared. Full details on the license conditions and ordering procedures are given below.

The evaluation version of PackCol is contained in a single ZIP file of 1800 kb. After you have downloaded the file you should copy it to a temporary directory and unZIP it and then run the pcol_setup program.

Click here to download the evaluation version now (1800 kb).

Ordering Your Full Copy of Packed Column Calculator

You can purchase your registered copy of the full version using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, wire transfer or check. If you use a credit card you can choose to enter the card details online or to send them by phone or fax. Start the ordering procedure by clicking the link below. The purchase price is US $80-00 for a single user license and US $250-00 for a multi-user site license. And of course this is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Once we receive confirmation of your order we will send you your registration key by email within 24 hours (usually much sooner). This key will instantly convert your trial version to the full, unrestricted version. If you do not receive the email with the registration key within 24 hours please contact us.

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