Uconeer is copyrighted commercial software, but the try-before-you-buy evaluation version can be freely distributed. The evaluation version has all the functionality of the full version, but it will function for only 30 days after installation. When you purchase the full version, either directly from us or via your approved reseller, you will receive a password file which will remove the time limit.

User Agreement

This Software is provided "as-is" without warranty of any kind. The author and distributor disclaim all warranties and shall not be liable for any damages of any kind. If you don't agree with this, or if this type of agreement is not allowed in your area, then you may not use this software.

Copyright Notice

The Uconeer software package, which includes the executable program and all its accompanying documentation, is Copyright © 2001-2023 by Katmar Software.

License Conditions

Uconeer is available in 4 different license forms, depending on the number of users in each case.

  1. Single User License
    This license is issued to an individual person and not to a specific computer. This means that it can be used by that person on several computers, provided that it is not used on more than one computer at a time. This allows you to install it onto your desktop computer and your laptop computer with the purchase of one single user license.
  2. Site License
    This license is issued to a company or organization for use at a single location, and covers all the computers installed at that location regardless of the number of computers, provided they all belong to the licensed company or organization. It will also include any mobile computers used by staff who are normally based at that location and any staff who are temporarily seconded to another location, for example engineers who are deployed to a construction site for the duration of the project.
  3. Enterprise License (Global License)
    This license is issued to a company or organization for use globally at all locations, and covers all the computers belonging to the licensed company or organization.
  4. Regional License
    Regional licenses are negotiated on an ad hoc basis where none of the options above are suitable.

Upgrade Policy

The license file that is supplied when purchasing Uconeer will work with all upgrades that are issued within 12 months of the date of purchase. To check the purchase date for your copy use the main menu Help - About Uconeer.

Your exisiting licensed copy will of course continue to work indefinitely after the 12 months period from the purchase date, but it can only be upgraded for free during the 12 month period.

If you have an exisiting license and would like to check if you are eligible for a free update see the upgrade instructions.