Converting Hardness for Steel and Alloys

This is a screen shot from the professional units conversion program "Uconeer" from Katmar Software. It is designed specifically for engineers and scientists. Read full details of the Uconeer units conversion program.

This hardness conversion calculator will convert units between hardness scales for carbon steel and steel alloys. The scales available include hardness conversion tables for Brinell, Knoop, Equotip, Rockwell, Shore Scleroscope and Vickers, as well as being able to convert steel hardness to or from Tensile Strength in all the units available in Uconeer.

The steel hardness conversions are done using curves fitted to experimental data for hardness equivalents. This performs steel hardness conversions more easily and more accurately than with printed hardness conversion tables as there is no need to interpolate between the reported data points. The program also automatically works out the applicable hardness ranges, as not all hardness scales overlap each other and conversions are only possible over certain data ranges.

Hardness Equivalents