WASP - Water And Steam Properties

This program calculates the physical properties of ice, water and steam in all popular units. It contains data for 15 fixed and 17 variable properties from -100 to 800 deg C and up to 1000 bar.

The variable properties available for ice, water and steam (where applicable) are enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, density (specific volume), enthalpy of vaporization, viscosity, heat capacity at constant pressure, thermal conductivity, surface tension, thermal expansion coefficient, isothermal compressibility, isentropic expansion coefficient "Z", dielectric constant, refractive index and melting (freezing) point.

The fixed properties available are molecular weight, normal melting point, normal boiling point, critical temperature, critical pressure, critical density (specific volume), critical compressibility factor "Z", standard enthalpy of formation, standard Gibbs energy of formation, Pitzers acentric factor, dipole moment, triple point temperature, triple point pressure and enthalpy of fusion at normal melting point.

You can download the free evaluation version (640 kb). This version is fully functional, but has a time limit per session. To install, unzip the downloaded file into a temporary directory and run Wasp_Setup.exe

It replaces printed Steam Tables but covers many more properties and eliminates the need to interpolate between data points. WASP has context sensitive on-line Help. The calculated data points match published data very closely. This program can be used to calculate physical properties for known temperature and pressure conditions, or it can search for the conditions that give rise to particular values of properties.

The WASP Main Properties Screen

WASP Main Screen Image

If either the temperature or pressure is entered, WASP will calculate the corresponding saturation pressure or temperature, and the physical properties at that condition. Properties for subcooled liquid or superheated steam can be calculated by specifying both the temperature and pressure.

The WASP Fixed Properties Screen

WASP Fixed Properties Screen

In addition to the properties of ice, water and steam that are pressure and temperature dependent, WASP includes 15 useful fixed properties.

The WASP Property Search Screen

WASP Property Search Screen

If one of enthalpy, entropy or density is known, plus either a temperature or pressure, then WASP can search for the other properties. This is very useful in calculating properties after a change of condition.

The WASP Units Selection Screen

WASP Units Selection Screen

The units to be used for data entry and display of physical properties can be selected in sets or individually. The program stores your selection of units for use in subsequent sessions. The sets of units available include SI, Imperial, Customary (USA) and European Units,

WASP runs under Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 & 8.1 / Win 10. The registration cost is US$ 80.00 for a single user licence and US$ 250.00 for a site licence. The current version is 2.3, which gives improved support for the decimal comma.

Ordering a Full Version of WASP

Visit Chempute Software to order your copy of WASP on their secure server with your credit card.