Reviews and customer testimonials for AlcoDens

"Good stuff gets good praise and AlcoDens is a good product in my book.
Dont know how many others out there use it, but I found it to be a valuable tool in our production process. Easy to use, cheap, and pretty much spot on every time. Isn't that what every piece of equipment should be?
The app's designer is responsive and followed up pretty quick with any and all questions.
ADI Forums - Three cheers for AlcoDens

"I have been using version v2.3 regularly for the last couple of months since its release and I find it very quick and easy to do almost any imaginable distillery calculation. The author has been very helpful when I have had queries, and included some extra features I suggested after using v2.2 initially." Peter Bignell
Belgrove Distillery, Kempton, Tasmania

"Harvey: just a note to tell you how much I love Alcodens. Worked perfectly "out of the box" and has become one of the most used and useful tools at my distillery. Thanks for making such a great product! We'd be sunk without it! Regards, David"
Six and Twenty Distillery, Easley, SC, USA

"Harvey, ... the end of the process always comes back neatly to the values we need after applying the recommended quantities that AlcoDens comes up with. It has become an integral and indispensible part of our wine batch management. We use it as the basis of all our fortified batches. So thanks a lot, it's a great product! Regards, David"
Ping's Syrups & Wines, Hialeah, FL, USA

"Hi Harvey, Just tried the freezing point calculator and it's fantastic! I like the other tools you've added too. Many thanks for the update. Kind regards, Pete"
Selden Research Limited, Derbyshire, UK

"Harvey, We needed a quick way to proof blends and this software works great. All the blends we have done since Monday have been dead on. Thank you."
Florida Chemical Co., Winter Haven, FL, USA

"Hi Harvey, Thank you for the key. I think you have made a great program here! Cheers, Geoff"
Dillon's Small Batch Distillers, Beamsville, Ontario

"Harvey, Got her figured out, works slick. Sure saves a lot of headache. Thomas"
Finger Lakes Distilling Company, Burdett, NY, USA

"Thanks Harvey! Great Program!!! Regards, Rodney Marsh, Managing Director"
winechek, Brusselton, Western Australia

"Hello Harvey, I knew I must be missing something! Thanks so much for your help with this. I appreciate this level of support. Cheers Timo"
Spirit Works Distillery, Sebastopol, California

"Hi Harvey, Thanks for following up. Im all up and running - hassle free. Thanks for the great service and such an awesome product. Since its installation in my distillery this week it has really streamlined production and reduced delays and hassles with tables and calculators. Volume contraction is way easier now! Thanks man, Rohan"
Inverroche Distillery, Stilbaai, Western Cape, South Africa

AlcoDens in use during blend gauging

AlcoDens in use at Six & Twenty Distillery

AlcoDens isn't only used in the comfort of the office. Here it is being used right on the distillery floor during blend gauging at Six & Twenty Distillery.