Measure obscured ABV with new AlcoDens LQ

The AlcoDens LQ distillers utility software has been updated and now includes a calculator that uses the quick and simple measurements of density and refractive index to determine the alcohol content in spirits that also contain sugar. This measurement usually requires time consuming laboratory distillation of samples to determine the alcohol content. The new density plus refractive index method seamlessly covers the full range of alcohol contents from light beers right through to liqueurs and also reveals the sugar content of the spirit.

This method can be used to measure the yield of alcohol from fermentation without the need for original gravity measurements. It is useful in the fermentation of craft beer, wine or distillers beer, and can be used for product analysis of ready-to-drink cocktails and liqueurs.

And with all this extra functionality the price of the AlcoDens LQ license remains the same. Purchase details here.

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