AlcoDens LQ is copyrighted commercial software, but the try-before-you-buy evaluation version can be freely distributed. The evaluation version has all the functionality of the full version, except that it will operate for only 15 runs. When you purchase the full version you will receive a password by email which will remove this restriction.

User Agreement

This Software is provided "as-is" without warranty of any kind. The author and distributor disclaim all warranties and shall not be liable for any damages of any kind. If you don't agree with this, or if this type of agreement is not allowed in your area, then you should not use or purchase this software.

The AlcoDens LQ license entitles you to install the program onto multiple computers, provided only that all the computers belong to the license holder and are located on the same site.

Purchasing AlcoDens gives you a permanent license to use the program and the right to upgrade for free to any new versions released within 12 months of your purchase date.

Copyright Notice

The AlcoDens LQ software package, which includes the executable program and all its accompanying documentation, is Copyright 2003-2020 by Katmar Software.