AlcoDens LQ - Liqueur Blending Calculations

AlcoDens LQ main screen

The AlcoDens LQ main screen, showing the toolbar buttons which call up the individual calculators. The calculator functions are described below.

Program Description

AlcoDens LQ is an extended version of the AlcoDens distillers utility program which is in use in 28 countries. AlcoDens is aimed at calculations for mixtures of alcohol and water only, but AlcoDens LQ adds 5 extra calculators which enable calculations to be done for liqueurs containing sugar, syrup or honey.

The calculators accessed from the icons in the top row of the image above are all included in AlcoDens and are described in detail on the AlcoDens page. These calculators for alcohol-water mixtures include hydrometer temperature correction, volume temperature correction, density-strength conversions, blending and freezing point determination. They cover temperatures from -20C to 100C (-4F to 212F) and concentrations from 0 to 100% (0 to 200 Proof).

The 5 additional calculators in AlcoDens LQ are accessed from the gold colored icons in the bottom row of the image above, and add the ability to include sugar, syrup or honey with the alcohol and water when performing hydrometer temperature correction, converting between density and strength, and performing liqueur blending or proofing calculations. Calculations are also available involving the refractive index of spirits and syrups and these allow the measurement of ABV obscured by sugar.

The calculators in AlcoDens LQ are also very useful for mixtures of sugar and water only, without alcohol. These are helpful in preparing or analyzing non-alcoholic syrups for use in making liqueurs or soft drinks, and for use in baking and confectionery.

The AlcoDens LQ calculators will allow you to specify the alcohol strength (concentration) of the liqueur using Proof, ABV (Volume %) or Mass %. The sugar loading can be specified in Mass per Volume (e.g. gram/liter) or Mass per Mass (e.g. Brix). The data covers temperatures from 10C to 30C (50F to 86F). Alcohol concentrations and sugar loadings up to saturation levels can be used. All densities and masses can be expressed on an "in vacuum" basis as in the International Alcoholometric Tables (OIML), or can be expressed on an "in air" basis as in the TTB Tables used in the USA.

In addition to this flexibility in specifying the alcohol strength and sugar loading, AlcoDens LQ has a very wide range of units built in for specifying or calculating the temperatures, masses, volumes and densities.

The details for the five calculators specific to AlcoDens LQ are:

Click on the image above to watch a YouTube video tutorial on how to use the liqueur blending calculator.

All of the AlcoDens calculators have built-in context sensitive help available at the press of a button. Or if you need more help than that you are welcome to email us for the support you need.

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AlcoDens LQ Development History

Version 3.7 Nov 2023 Added liqueur recipe analyzer to calculate ABV, Bx and volume
Added ability to save and load liqueur blends and recipes to disk
Added print option to several calculators
Improved loading speed and some bug fixes
Version 3.6 Jun 2023 Added refractive index calculations
Version 3.5 Mar 2022 Minor bug fixes
Version 3.4 Feb 2022 Increased allowable concentration of sugar
Added discussion of peculiarities in Canadian alcoholometric tables to Help file
Added ability to select 3rd party calculator in place of Windows calculator
Some redundant units of measurement removed
Version 3.3 July 2017 Added welcome screen to trial version
Version 3.2 Jun 2017 Increased alcohol limit allowed for Base Liqueur in liqueur blender if sugar level is zero
Prevent spirit being used instead of water in liqueur blender if spirit alcohol level is zero
Version 3.1 Mar 2017 First release (numbered to synchronize with AlcoDens)