Blending Ethanol-Water by Mass in a Single Container

A calculator is included for the specific situation where the blending is being done by mass in a single container. This could be a lab-scale blending in a beaker on a benchtop balance, a single drum on a platform scale, or a large tank mounted on load cells. The advantages of this calculator over the other blending calculators are that the tare mass of the container can be accommodated, the gross and nett masses are shown, and the calculator is simplified by having fewer options.

Although the measurements are all done by mass, the target quantity for the blend can be set in volumtric terms if required. Whether the final quantity is set by mass or volume, the other can be calculated by entering the Standard Temperature at which the volume to mass conversion is to be performed.

Like all the AlcoDens calculators, the Blending by Mass in a Single Container Calculator can use either the OIML (in vacuum) or the TTB (in air) model. The model currently in use is always highlighted by the button with the red text in the top right corner.

Blending alcohol in a single container by mass

A drum contains spirit at 85 ABV% (measured at 20 C). The tare mass of the drum is known to be 8.3 kg. We want to add water to the drum to achieve a bottling strength of 40 ABV%. How much water must be added and what quantity of 40 ABV% spirit will be produced? After putting the drum on the platform scale we know that the mass of the drum and spirit together is 79.7 kg. This is sufficient information to complete the calculation, as shown above.