Information on Pipe Pressure Drop Calculation Methods

This section lists some articles which give background information on the methods used for calculating pressure drops through pipe fittings and valves.

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  1. Pressure drop calculation methods for pipe fittings
    Piping engineers often need to convert between equivalent lengths (Le/D) and resistance coefficients (K-values) when calculating pressure drops or flow rates through pipe fittings and valves. Here is a discussion on the relative merits of these methods and how to convert between them.

  2. Tables of Equivalent Lengths for pipe fittings in plastic and steel pipe
    The article above describes how to use the Equivalent Length Method, and this article gives the necessary data to apply the method for a wide variety of pipe fittings and valves for both plastic (PVC, CPVC, HDPE, GRP/FRP) and steel (commercial and spiral welded) pipe.