AioFlo Pipe Hydraulics Software Calculation Results Validation

This section provides a comparison of results from the AioFlo Pipe Hydraulics software application with a range of fully worked examples published in well known and respected references that are generally accessible to engineers. The hydraulic analysis examples include flow rate, pressure drop and pipe sizing calculations for compressible and incompressible fluids. This will allow prospective AioFlo users to validate its accuracy against a range of typical piping hydraulics calculations. The worked examples can also be run by new users as part of their learning process.

Click on the links below to see the details of the individual examples.

  1. Pressure drop for straight pipe in Laminar Flow
  2. Pressure drop for pipe with valves, fittings and elevation change in Laminar Flow
  3. Experimental K values evaluated for bends and globe valves in Laminar Flow
  4. Calculate water flow rate from pressure drop for straight pipe in Turbulent Flow
  5. Calculate water flow for pipe draining under gravity with valves, fittings and elevation change in fully developed Turbulent Flow
  6. Calculate pressure drop for flow of water through sudden expansion in Turbulent Flow
  7. Modeling pipes of different diameters in series as a single equivalent pipe of constant diameter
  8. Compressed air pressure drop for isothermal compressible flow in straight pipe
  9. Methane pressure drop in pipeline assuming isothermal compressible flow
  10. Steam pressure drop in pipe with valves and fittings comparing incompressible and compressible flow
  11. Determine minimum pipe diameter for 10 km oil pipeline for given flow rate and pressure drop
  12. Nitrogen flow rate for known pressure drop comparing adiabatic and isothermal models