Pipe sizing, pressure drop and fluid flow rate calculations

AioFlo (pronounced aye-oh-flow) is a Windows application for pipe sizing (diameter calculation), flow rate and pressure drop calculations for liquids and gases in single phase flow. If you need a fast, flexible and accurate piping hydraulics calculator, download the free fully functional trial version to test it yourself.

AioFlo main screen

The AioFlo hydraulic calculator will determine any one of pipe diameter, fluid flow rate or pressure drop when the other two are known. It performs liquid and isothermal gas flow hydraulic calculations. Preliminary calculations based on velocity rather than pressure drop are also possible. Resistance coefficients for a wide range of pipe fittings are built in.

Version 1.08 is a free upgrade to all registered users of AioFlo. Download and install over your old version.

Try AioFlo Pipe Flow Calculator for free before you buy

Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee Testing the AioFlo pipe fluid flow calculator is risk free. Download and test the free, but fully functional, trial version before you make the decision to buy. After your purchase you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. And if AioFlo is upgraded tomorrow you get that free too. In fact all upgrades are free for 12 months after purchase. No risks, just great software.

Detailed Program Description

AioFlo (pronounced aye-oh-flow) is a Windows software application (See here for Mac support) that solves pipe sizing (diameter calculation), pressure drop and fluid flow rate hydraulic problems for single phase flow in single pipes. It is based on the Darcy-Weisbach pipe sizing formula for liquid flow, and the integrated version for isothermal gas flow.

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AioFlo Development History

Version 1.09 Oct 11, 2021 Fixed registration date formating
Version 1.08 Feb 3, 2020 Fixed printing bug
Version 1.07 May 21, 2014 Fixed bug in roughness error checking
Version 1.06 May 14, 2014 Portuguese interface translation complete
Version 1.05 Mar 18, 2014 French, German and Spanish interface translations almost complete
Additional error checking
Version 1.04 May 3, 2013 Improved handling of non-standard display DPI
settings (i.e. when not using default 96 DPI)
Version 1.03 Feb 4, 2013 Fixed data not being over written when reading saved files
Version 1.02 Jan 20, 2013 Updated toolbar buttons
Version 1.01 Dec 5, 2012 Expanded Help file
Version 1.00 Dec 1, 2012 First public release