Selecting units of measurement in AioFlo pipe flow software

AioFlo offers unparalleled flexibility and power in its handling of units of measurement. Despite this power, the options are easy and fast to select - and very intuitive to use.

Selecting units for individual properties

AioFlo Start of Line fittings

This image shows just the Input Data section of the Main Screen. Note that the units for each data entry value are shown to the right of the entry field.

Every data input field and every result output field has a label showing the units for that field. Clicking one of these labels opens a list of available units. As soon as one of the units in this list is selected, the associated value is immediately converted to the new units. In the example shown above the available units for pipe length are shown in the drop-down list, ready for a new unit to be selected.

Working with sets of units

Selecting a set of units

AioFlo has 6 sets of units. There are 3 predefined sets and 3 sets which can be defined by the user to enable mixing of units.

When working with sets of units, the units for every single property can be changed at once by selecting a different set. The 3 predefined sets of units cover SI Units, Metric Units and US Customary Units.

The first column in the image above allows you to select which set of units will be in place when you start AioFlo. The second column shows the name of each set of units. The names of the bottom three (the user defined sets) can be edited to describe the set.

Clicking an "Apply" button in the "Use Now" column will set the units for every property in AioFlo according to the units defined in the applicable set. Any data that had already been entered, and any calculation results available, will be instantly converted to the new units. This allows the user to set up and perform the calculation in one set of units, and then swap the entire set of units to suit a particular client or application. The units set in this way will remain in place until they are changed, or AioFlo is restarted. At restart the units will be set to the start up default as described above.

The 3 "Define" buttons in the last column allow the user to make up their own sets of mixed units. This is described below.

Defining your own sets of mixed units

Defining your own sets of mixed units

This page shows the name of the user defined set of units, together with the selected units for every property used in AioFlo.

The name of each user defined set of units can be edited in the top right of the page to be descriptive of the particular set. The units for each property are set by clicking on the units label associated with the property, and then selecting the new choice. Alternatively, if the units for the individual properties have already all been set on the main screen the entire collection of currently selected units can be imported at once by clicking the "Get Current Units" button in the bottom left corner.

Once the units have been set to the new requirements they can be saved and will be available for selection in the "Select Units" window shown above.