Alcohol Proof-Density-Strength (Concentration) Conversions

AlcoDens will convert ethanol (ethyl alcohol) strength (concentration) values between any two of Mass (Weight) Percent, Volume Percent (ABV), Ethanol Density, Molar Percent or Alcohol Proof, taking the temperature into account where applicable. In addition, it can also convert an ethanol density at one temperature to a density at another temperature, or an Alcohol by Volume Percent at one temperature to an Alcohol by Volume Percent at another temperature.

In AlcoDens "Alcohol Proof" is used according to the definition of Proof used in the USA, i.e. it is twice the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) at 60F. The old British definition of Proof is no longer used commercially and this definition of alcohol Proof is not included in AlcoDens.

This calculator is an accurate and easy to use replacement for ethanol density to concentration tables and charts. Ethanol density tables work at a single temperature, but AlcoDens can convert an ethanol density to/from a concentration or alcohol proof at any temperature between -20 C and 100 C (-4 F to 212 F). The ethanol concentration can be anything from 0.00% (pure water) to 100% (200 proof or pure ethanol).

This calculator is provided primarily for process engineers who need to convert between the various methods of expressing alcohol strengths to suit their particular calculations. When performing process calculations (such as a mass balance) on an ethanol plant it is essential that the alcohol strength is expressed as a mass % (weight %) because of the volume shrinkage that occurs when ethanol and water are mixed. But conventional practice, and excise regulations, in the potable alcohol industry demand that all concentrations be expressed as volume % (ABV) or alcohol proof. This AlcoDens conversion calculator performs routine conversions between mass % (weight %) and volume % or alcohol proof for ethanol concentrations quickly and accurately.

If you need to perform composition conversions for liquids including sugar, please see the extended conversion calculator in AlcoDens LQ.

Like all the AlcoDens calculators, the Volume Temperature Correction Calculator can use either the OIML (in vacuum) or the TTB (in air) model. The model currently in use is always highlighted by the button with the red text in the top right corner.

density-strength converter

In this example the strength of an alcohol-water blend at 20C has been converted from 30.00% in mass percentage terms to its equivalent of 36.25% in alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage terms.