IAPWS IF-97 based Steam Tables

The steam tables section of Uconeer calculates the physical properties of ice, water and steam in all the units included in Uconeer, and in your own custom units. The IAPWS IF-97 formulations are used where relevant. These software steam tables contain data for 16 fixed and 18 variable properties from -100 to 800°C (-148 to 1472°F) and up to 1000 bar abs (14500 psia). Some water and steam properties extend up to 2000°C (3632°F) at pressures below 500 bar abs (7250 psia).

The variable properties for ice, water and steam included in the Steam Tables (where applicable) are enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, density (specific volume), enthalpy of vaporization, viscosity, heat capacity at constant pressure, heat capacity at constant volume, velocity of sound, thermal conductivity, surface tension, thermal expansion coefficient, isothermal compressibility, isentropic exponent, compressibilty factor "Z", dielectric constant, refractive index and melting (freezing) point.

The fixed properties available are molecular weight, normal melting point, normal boiling point, critical temperature, critical pressure, critical density (specific volume), critical compressibility factor "Z", standard enthalpy of formation, standard Gibbs energy of formation, Pitzers acentric factor, dipole moment, triple point temperature, triple point pressure, enthalpy of fusion at normal melting point, refractive index of ice at NMP and specific gas constant.

This downloadable Steam Tables software replaces printed tables but covers many more physical properties of ice, water and steam and eliminates the need to interpolate between data points. Like all of Uconeer, the steam tables have context sensitive on-line Help. This program can be used to calculate physical properties for known temperature and pressure conditions, or it can search for the conditions that give rise to particular physical property values of enthalpy, entropy or density for water and/or steam.

The Steam Tables Main Properties Screen

IAPWS IF-97 Steam Tables Main Screen Image

For saturated properties of ice, water or steam only the temperature or pressure needs to be entered. The corresponding saturation pressure or temperature, and the physical properties of the ice, water or steam at that condition, will be calculated. Properties for subcooled water or superheated steam can be calculated by specifying both the temperature and pressure. Absolute or gauge pressures can be used in all the steam table functions.

The Fixed Properties included in the Steam Tables

Fixed Properties of Ice, Water and Steam

In addition to the pressure and temperature dependent properties of ice, water and steam, these software steam tables include 16 useful fixed properties.

The Steam Tables Units Selection Screen

Steam Tables Units Selection Screen

The units to be used for data entry and display of the physical properties of the ice, water and steam can be selected in sets or individually. The program stores the selection of units at shut down for use in the next session. The sets of units available include SI, Imperial, Customary (USA) and European Units. The wavelength used in calculating the refractive index, and the local atmospheric pressure used to calculate gauge pressure, are also set on this page.

The IAPWS References used for the Steam Tables calculations

The steam tables software calculates the properties of water and steam using the following publications from the IAPWS

  1. Properties: Enthalpy, Entropy, Internal Energy, Density, Heat Capacity, Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Isothermal Compressibility, Isentropic Exponent, Compressibility Factor "Z"
    Publication: R7-97(2012) Revised Release on the IAPWS Industrial Formulation 1997 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam
  2. Property: Viscosity
    Publication: R12-08(2008) Release on the IAPWS Formulation 2008 for the Viscosity of Ordinary Water Substance
  3. Property: Thermal Conductivity
    Publication: R15-11(2011) Release on the IAPWS Formulation 2011 for the Thermal Conductivity of Ordinary Water Substance
  4. Property: Surface Tension
    Publication: R1-76(2014) Revised Release on the Surface Tension of Ordinary Water Substance
  5. Property: Dielectric Constant
    Publication: R8-97(1997) Release on the Static Dielectric Constant of Ordinary Water Substance
  6. Property: Refractive Index
    Publication: R9-97(1997) Release on the Refractive Index of Ordinary Water Substance as a Function of Wavelength, Temperature and Pressure