There are ten pages of screenshots showing the different functions in Uconeer. You can select individual pages from the list below, or go through them in sequence by clicking the "Next screenshot" link in the top right hand corner or bottom right hand corner of each page. You can return to this page from the other screens by clicking on the "Screenshots" option in the menu above.

The main screen annotated with major functions

Uconeer unit converter for engineers main screen annotated

The Uconeer main screen shown at approximately 2/3 scale. The layout of this screen has been carefully designed to mimimize the clicking and scrolling needed to convert units and to use the specialized conversion calculators.

The full list of categories included in Uconeer

Categories available in Uconeer engineering unit converter

Uconeer will convert units in all the basic categories, as well as in an extensive range of engineering measurements. These categories cover a total of over 450 units, and up to 5 custom units can be added in each category.

Adding Custom Units of Measurement

Adding custom units in Uconeer engineering unit converter

Additional units can be easily defined in terms of any of the units already in Uconeer (including previously added custom units). The custom units are automatically saved, but can also be exported for distribution and sharing. This allows an authorized set of custom units to be distributed to the entire office or project. Custom units can of course also be edited or deleted. Here is an article on how to calculate your own conversion factors.

Using Favorite Conversions

Editing favorites units in Uconeer engineering unit converter

Up to 12 unit conversions can be set as Favorites, enabling them to be selected with only two clicks. The Favorites can be sorted manually, alphabetically or dynamically to suit your way of working. This is the fastest way to convert units you use frequently.