Engineering Unit Conversion Calculator and Steam Tables

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Uconeer is the ideal conversion calculator for engineers, scientists and technicians. If you need to have fast, accurate and consistent conversions at your fingertips then download the free, fully functional evaluation version to test all these capabilities:

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Uconeer unit converter for engineers main screen

Includes 450 units in 48 categories, and add more of your own. Special engineering unit conversion calculators for mass/volume flowrate, kinematic to dynamic viscosity, steel hardness, fractional inches, Gas Constant and Reynolds No. Includes IAPWS IF-97 Steam Tables with search function.

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Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee Testing the Uconeer engineering unit converter is risk free. Download and test the free, but fully functional, trial version for 30 days before you make the decision to buy. After your purchase you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. And if Uconeer is upgraded tomorrow you get that free too. In fact all upgrades of Uconeer are free for 12 months after purchase. No risks, just great software.

Program Description

Uconeer is a professional engineering unit conversion software package for Windows (See here for Mac support). It includes a wide range of technical measurement categories required by engineers, but it excludes the archaic and esoteric units that clutter the menus of other programs. However, if we have left out the particular measurement units that you do need you can add them in yourself, allowing you to work with those that are particular to your industry or location.

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Uconeer Development History

Version 4.0 Feb 2024 Improved clipboard interaction with spreadsheets
Added option to auto-start at Windows boot
Version 3.9 Mar 2022 Added Pressure Drop per Unit Length category
Version 3.8 Oct 2021 Use Ctrl + mouse wheel for zoom
Version 3.7 June 2021 Improved behavior on multiple monitor setups
Select alternative to Windows calculator
Version 3.6 Mar 2020 Added IAPWS IF-97 Steam Tables
Version 3.5 Nov 2018 All calculators can be resized (zoomed)
More than one sub-calculator can be open at once
Fonts updated and better support for decimal comma
Added SG relative to water at 20°C to density category
Version 3.4 Aug 2014 Minor changes
Version 3.3 April 2013 Improved handling of non-standard display DPI
settings (i.e. when not using default 96 DPI)
Version 3.2 Jan 2013 Extra gas standards added to flow converter
Bug fix in Reynolds Number calculator
Version 3.1 Dec 2012 Simplified license installation
Version 3.0 June 2012 Added custom units
Added favorite conversions
Other minor changes and improvements
Version 2.8 July 2011 Maintenance update
Version 2.7 Mar 2009 Water density at 60°F now 999.012 kg/m³
Momentum Category relabeled to Momentum (Linear)
Version 2.6 Nov 2007 Added Reynolds Number calculator
Help system updated for Windows Vista
Version 2.4 Jan 2005 Added Earth's Gravity in acceleration category
Added in.ozf.s² and oz.in² in moment of inertia (mass) category
Added new Normal Conditions in gas flowrate calculator
Version 2.3 Mar 2004 Added Megaliter/day in volumetric flow category
Added Million US GPD in volumetric flow category
Version 2.2 Oct 2003 Added friction factor (piping) category
Added "Copy" button on "Convert to Feet & Inches"
Version 2.1 Sept 2003 Added pints and fluid ounces in volume category
Version 2.0 Aug 2003 Added steel hardness equivalents
Added in torque category
Version 1.9 Jun 2003 Added force per unit length category
Added J/m² in Surface Tension category
Added CO to list of gases
Version 1.8 Apr 2003 Added therm in energy category
Added ton refrigeration and kJ/h in power category
Added SG to density category
Added valve sizing coefficient category
Added Moment of Inertia (Area) category
Version 1.7 Dec 2001 Added fuel consumption category
Added gas volumetric / mass flowrate calculator
Fixed color bug in "Available Units" window
Version 1.6 Oct 2001 Added carat in mass category
Added MPa in pressure category
Added bar in stress category
Added calculator button on flowrate calculator
Updated base value for Gas Constant to 8.31447
Version 1.5 Sept 2001 Fixed bug in Feet & Inches Calculator. This was giving
errors when converting to integral inches.
Added Degrees API to density category
Version 1.4 Aug 2001 Added Energy units basis to Gas Constant Calculator.
Added nautical miles and knots.
Version 1.3 July 2001 Fixed bug in display of decimal places.
Version 1.2 June 2001 Added barrels/day and USgpm to flowrate category.
Removed barrels/sec and USgal/sec from flowrate category.
Version 1.1 May 2001 Added liquid volumetric / mass flowrate calculator.
Version 1.0 Jan 2001 First public release.

Is Uconeer the best engineering unit converter software available?

Many of our users have written to us to tell us that Uconeer is the best engineering unit conversion calculator they have ever used. But of course, what is best for you will depend on your needs. Uconeer was designed for engineering, technical and scientific users who need frequent, accurate, reliable and consistent conversions of the practical units and measurements that they use on a daily basis. It has been carefully thought out to minimize the clicking and scrolling that are characteristic of many other programs. If you are this type of user then we are confident that Uconeer will be the best for you.