Covid-19 Lockdown Status

With much of the world currently in lockdown, we remain open to support our existing customers and to process new orders. Katmar Software and BMT Micro have put in place remote working facilities and will continue with business as usual.

Latest release - Liqueur blending software!

Our AlcoDens distiller's utility program has been used in distilleries for over 10 years, and is now in use in 28 countries around the world. But AlcoDens is designed to work with mixtures of ethanol and water only and many products have sugar added as well. The calculation problems caused by the shrinkage or contraction that occurs when water and ethanol are mixed are even worse when sugar is added into the mix. The degree of shrinkage varies with both the alcohol and sugar concentrations, and of course with the temperature.

These problems are solved by our latest release, AlcoDens LQ. This program includes all the alcohol-water calculators included in AlcoDens, plus three new calculators for hydrometer correction, composition conversions and blending or proofing of liqueurs containing sugar. It is also ideal for preparing non-alcoholic syrup solutions used in liqueur making as well as in soft drinks, baking and confectionery. See the link below to read more details and to get your free trial copy.

Our Products

Katmar Software produces engineering and project risk analysis software. All of our products listed below can be downloaded freely as try-before-you-buy versions so that they can be tested on your own computer and on your own data. The only exception is the Turbine Steam Consumption Calculator which is totally free. After you have tested any of our commercial offerings they can be purchased online using a variety of payment options. These are listed on each of the product pages. Once your purchase has been verified we will email you a license file which will convert the trial version into a permanent version. All purchases are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Background Information Articles

We have written a few articles giving background details on some of the methods used in our software. These may be of general interest, beyond just being background to the software.